Lundyn's 2nd Birthday Celebration Mystery Bandana Sale

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$2.00 Mystery Reversible Bandanas to Celebrate Lundyn's 2nd Birthday! There is a limited amount available once they are gone they are gone!! Trust me if you have already purchased mystery bandanas you are good to purchase more I have SO MANY prints available and I will ensure you do not receive a bandana print you already have! Thank you so much for celebrating with us we love each & every one of you!! 

Please note with these $2.00 mystery bandanas you have the option to add Lace, or Fringe for FREE as an upgrade!! 

***Note processing time for these orders might have a longer TAT due to the amount of orders that may come in! Please be patient we work in the order they appear in our queue. I offer these inexpensive mystery bandanas to give everyone the chance to get some amazing cute & affordable bandanas for their fur babies! If you want to RUSH your order there is a RUSH your order tab you can click to add to your cart for faster processing!