Layaway-PLEASE READ ENTIRE LISTING-Then DM ME Or E-Mail To Place your order

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Layaway for Any Products we offer this DOES Include Tumblers & Blankets. You can choose to put 20, 30, or 50% down. The remaining balance can be paid off within 2,3, or 4 weeks. 

Please either E-mail me at OR DM Me on Instagram @Sweetoothpawtique to set up your layaway order. The website does not allow 2 discount codes to be used at once so in order for you to take advantage of the 50% OFF 1 Year Anniversary/Black Friday Sales you will need to email or dm your order so that I can set up your layaway and include your 50% off and invoice you for payment. Once I invoice you then you can pay thru Credit/Debit, Paypal, or Amazon Pay. Please note the 50% Off Sale DOES NOT APPLY TO Blankets or Tumblers. Also DOES NOT APPLY TO PRE ORDER BANDANAS.

Once the remaining balance is paid your items will be made and shipped out. I'm a flexible person and life happens if you need additional time we can work it out just please note your order will NOT be shipped until the balance is paid off. Also, please note if you choose the Layaway option and you decide to cancel your order there are NO REFUNDS as all my fabrics are printed to order. You can however opt for store credit for a future purchase for the amount you've paid towards your layaway so far at the time you choose to cancel. For example. If you've paid $50 towards your layaway account and you choose to cancel for whatever reason You will NOT be refunded the $50 but you can receive a $50 Gift Card/Store Credit to my website to use in the future.

Also, please keep in mind if you are trying to purchase items for gifts for the holidays or want your items prior to the holidays I will need enough time to get the items made and shipped to you so when you are choosing a 2,3, or 4 weeks pay off timeline keep this in mind. We All Know the Holidays will be crazy with shipping this year! Any questions please DM Me or Email at