IN-Stock Bandanas: items from our In-Stock Bandana’s page will typically take 4-6 weeks to ship out depending on volume of orders received. Please allow additional time once shipped to reach you. The time quoted above is just our processing and hand making time frame and is approx. I'm human and things happen or come up unfortunately on occasion as for everyone in life and I do try and have my weekends allocated for family time. Please note during the busy Holiday Peak  Season (Sept-Dec)this time frame is NOT Guaranteed it solely depends on the amount of orders received and the time frame my printer provides me in regards to re prints and re stocks of my fabrics. Just because it shows in stock on website doesn’t mean I have enough fabric on hand to fulfill your specific order for the specific sizes you ordered. Orders that appear in my queue prior to yours could have ordered some of the same prints/items as you which could result in me not having enough of the print on hand to fulfill the sizes you ordered. This means an order for  additional yardage will have to be sent to my printer so that I may fulfill your order which is another reason TAT is set at 4-6 weeks should these situations arise. I do have a Rush My Order option should you be in a time crunch or need your items by a certain date or a special specific date. Details can be found under the Rush My Order Tab. I’m a small business handling all aspects of my business from beginning to end on my own so unfortunately I do not have the time to individually reach out to provide status of orders. However you are more then welcome to email me at Gabriella@sweetoothpawtique.com and provide your name & order number or send a DM on Instagram. I’m more then happy to check into your order & provide an updated status. Please allow 24-48 business hours for an email response or DM reply. There is a box at check out that must be read in entirely and agree to stating TAT before completing your check out process & submitting your order. 

Custom Pre-Order Bandanas: Items from our Custom Pre-Order Bandana’s pages are ALL custom designed and printed they are ordered from various suppliers we purchase from. All of our Suppliers offer different turn around times as they all use various Printers. Fabrics can take from 6-8 weeks for us to receive. During Covid I've noticed it can take up to 10-12 weeks. Once we receive the fabric please give us 2-3 weeks to process these items and ship out. So it may be a MAX of 12-14 weeks for us to ship out the items during these times. We will try our best to ship out items sooner if we receive our shipments from the vendors sooner. Also, Holidays could affect our turn around times but we try our very best to stay within these limits. Some times fabrics arrive much sooner it just all varies on a number of factors so we say 6-14 weeks on the safe side. If you are not comfortable waiting this time frame please do not purchase Pre Order's as once they are ordered they CANNOT be cancelled because that fabric is ordered specifically for you when your order is placed. Also, please note during the Holidays our supplier's printers have holidays also so this plays a factor in the Turnaround time during the holidays. This is DIFFERENT from the In stock prints those are from a completely different source which is why my turn around time for those is much sooner.



We know waiting is the worst and we are very sorry about that! However, as stated above our Custom Pre Order Bandana’s are just that. They are custom designed and ordered from a number of different suppliers. We work with the suppliers for updates on progress of our fabric. The printers are over seas so there is a shipping/customs wait and etc. The wait is brutal we know but we can assure you that they are so worth the wait! We pride ourselves in finding and offering the most unique prints out there for our fur friends.


We will ship out your in-stock bandana items first within our normal turnaround time and once the pre-order items come in we will ship those separately. If you prefer to have them shipped together please indicate this in the notes section at checkout.


We do not accept cancellations once your order has been placed please make sure the items you have in your cart are your final selections and you are satisfied with what you are purchasing. All of my fabrics are carefully hand designed and selected and custom printed and ordered. Not being happy with the turn around time is not a cause for a cancellation or refund. Please note although your order may take time to be made and reach you I take pride in every single item I hand make and will not rush anyone's order. I only send out the quality that I would expect to receive. I'm sorry if you feel like the turn around time is taking longer than expected but I can assure you once you receive the products they are totally worth the wait!! :-) If you have a certain item you've purchased that you need for a gift or by a certain date for a photo or birthday etc please reach out via E-mail or DM or send this information in the notes with your order. Let me know so that I can if possible make the deadline happen. No guarantees but I try my very, very best! If these dates are not brought to my attention I have NO way of knowing you needed something for a gift by a certain date or etc so please advise. 


We do not allow returns or exchanges due to the nature of our items customization, sizing etc. If you receive your order and there is an issue please contact us via email at gabriella@sweetoothpawtique or on Instagram @Sweetoothpawtique  We will do everything in our power to make things right. We appreciate our customers business and support. Your happiness with our products is our happiness.


Yes, we have vinyl add on options please see the Vinyl Add on tab at the top of our page. We can add names, instagram handles, phrases just about anything you would like to add to our bandana’s to make them yours! We are happy to reach out via E-mail or DM with color options and Font Styles also!



Sweet Tooth Pawtique is NOT Responsible for Packages lost by USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, Or Any other Shipping Provider. We personally take ALL of our packages to the post office and hand deliver them at the counter to receive a Receipt. That way our Customers know their package as left our hands and is now in the care of USPS/Shipping Service. Please note USPS First Class DOES NOT come with insurance we now offer Route Insurance which would cover if your package was lost or damaged. Its available at check out for a very small additional fee this fee does NOT go to us but directly to Route to provide the insurance. You have the option to Opt In or Out of the insurance but it's a good idea to select it. Also if your package is shipped via USPS Priority $50 insurance is included if your order is over $50 I would suggest additional insurance as once the package leaves our hands we no longer have responsibility. Please Note during the busy holiday season its possible that our USPS and UPS Packages will be dropped off at the carriers and left at the counter or drop box due to the long lines at these facilities during the Peak Holiday Season and the amount of packages and days we ship a week. Please note once dropped off give these carriers additional time to scan your package and it to start moving along they are very busy also.